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Electric Showers – If you’re after an affordable and effective electric shower to use with a cold mains supply then this is the place to look. With the latest and greatest models from leading brands including Mira and Home of Ultra you’re certain to get the best possible shower at the lowest possible price.

Mixer Showers – Mixer showers are designed for bathrooms with plumbed hot and cold water. For those looking for a low priced but exceptionally high quality mixer shower; we’ve assembled a collection of stylish and practical mixer showers from our favourite manufacturers .

Power Showers – If you’re struggling to get a substantial stream from your showerhead then a power shower is a great solution. If you want to up the pressure for a satisfying shower every time; then take a look at our selected power showers from Galaxy.

Shower Accessories – From replacement shower hoses mounting arms and wall outlets through to luxurious body jets and even rainbars we have everything you need to soup up your shower. If you’re looking to fix up your shower then take a look at the Tapshop321 range of shower accessories.

Shower Head and Arms – If you’re interested in updating your wall mounted shower head – but using your current valve then take a look at our dedicated Shower Head and Arms section. With diverse and stylish showerheads from Home of Ultra Sagittarius and Hudson Reed our collection represents the ultimate combination of style and substance.

Shower Kits – Our Shower Kits include various co-ordinated shower components – if you’re on the lookout for a riser kit rail kit or even a thermostatic shower panel then this is the section for you.

Shower Pumps – If you have low water pressure which is adversely affecting your quality of shower then a shower pump may be the best option. Hidden away from view the shower pump is able to boost water pressure as required with no fuss.

Shower Valves – Shower valves are imperative if you have a wall mounted shower head with arm. With slick faceplates hiding away cutting edge innovation; our collection of shower valves includes the best products from leading manufacturers.

As with everything you’ll find at Tapshop321 – all of our shower items are stocked at unbeatably low prices and backed up by manufacturer warranties and our unparalleled after-sales service.