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Mayfair Taps

Design cost service and quality are the foundations of Mayfairs business. Always at the cutting edge they are constantly creating and manufacturing products they know a customer will want at a price that is affordable.

Mayfair's closely controlled supply chain from conception right through to the manufacture is streamlined and flexible. Mayfair's overseas Manufacturing and offices in China allows Mayfair to offer customers a competitive and flexible package to suit specific time frames and budgets. Our presence overseas also means we can maintain a tight control on cost and quality targets.

With 22 years of business experience behind them Mayfair value the importance of developing and maintaining strong relationshops with clients. Care is always taken to develop a culture of high wuality customer service so you can be assured of a friendly and honest approach from our staff.

Mayfair supply a full range of products from high-end contemporary looks through to more classic options. Whetherit be a premium or budget option our attention to detail and stringent sample approval processes mean that all Mayfair taps mixers and showers are carefully designed and manufactured with clear emphasis on quality.