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Infra Red Sensor Taps Are The Future

August 30th, 2010 by Mark Farrell

There are hundreds of bathroom taps available on our website but the most attractive in my opinion are those that do not require knobs to turn them on and off. Many home owners who can afford to splash out a bit are turning to this type of tap for many reasons.  Let me introduce the Infra red sensor tap

It reduces grime, less cleaning, convenient if you don’t want to get dirt, dust and grime on your knobs from your hands, helps to conserve water and cuts down on water usage and it prevents less transfer of germs. Automatic taps are the new and improved way to stay healthy and prevent transferrable diseases which is the main reason why families are changing their bathroom taps to these new fangled devices.

If you choose to obtain an automatic tap otherwise known as an infra red motion sensor taps here are some things you may want to keep in mind. There are many motion sensor taps that work with your home’s electrical circuits that require AA batteries so that you won’t have to mess with wiring or hire other contractors to come in and do the job for you.

This depends on the type of tap that you want. Some people seek cost over style and others seek style over cost, then there are those that want both, the style at the right price. To choose the correct tap that fits your liking you should factor in things like your budget, your need, how many bathrooms you will be in need of an automatic faucet for and the type of sinks you have.

You should also take into account that motion sensor taps aren’t just used for sinks but they can also be used for baths as well. If you use an automatic tap for your bath you should keep in mind that the water temperature is controlled through the set, water temperature that runs through your home’s pipes.

So you may want to keep that thought while you decide on an automatic tap being right for you and your family in your bath. In the mean time automatic taps come in many types of mounts, you can mount them to the wall, they can be elevated and they sometimes come with drains. Many of these taps also come in several styles such as Victorian, stainless steel, modern and transitional including several other types.

Tapshop321 currently only stock the one type of sensor tap but there are more to come so keep checking our website out.

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