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Different Types Of Bathroom Counter-Tops

August 26th, 2010 by Mark Farrell

Although our primary focus for our business is Bathroom Taps and Kitchen Taps here at Tapshop321 we promised our readership a blog that covered all areas which is why we are going into our thoughts on bathroom counter-tops.

A beautiful countertop goes well with any bathroom. They come in many colours, styles and types. Countertops provide additional space to help assist with any type of bathing or primping that you need to do. They are also great for holding lotions, perfume, shower gels and anything else that you hold in your bathroom to show off.

Here are a few types of countertops that homeowners are raving about:

Granite Countertops are easy to clean, they are well worth the money when it comes to life expectancy, stain resistant, and not too expensive. Home owners love granite countertops because of the beauty they bring to bathrooms. Harsh chemicals should not be used to clean this beautiful stone type top, a little warm water and dish detergent will do the trick.

Quartz countertops have a similar look to limestone, granite and marble. They are more durable and stain resistant. These types of countertops are also easy to clean.

Marble is a more commonly used countertop in bathrooms. One problem with tile countertops is the cleaning. Surfaces are easy to clean but tiles can attract grout and mildew between the sealing and crevices which can lead to more cleaning time and you may need to use harsher chemicals. If you are interested in tile countertops go for a larger sized tile, this eliminates the amount of spacing between the crevices and the tiles are laid closer together.

Synthetic solid surface countertops are also a more commonly used countertop for homeowners. They come in many types, colours and brands. These types of counter-tops can require a bit more cleaning than other surfaces but they are worth it for many people. You donÂ’t have much worry with mildew or grime and they are inexpensive.

When shopping for countertops make sure you have a set budget in mind so that you know what price range you are looking for. It is very easy to stray from your budget but if you have one in mind it will help towards picking out your choice of surfaces. While some are attractive to the eye they may not be attractive to your pocket so if you take anything away from this article its stick to your budget. If you are leaning towards a more expensive type of countertop surface you may want to allow a few months time in your budget so that you will be capable of affording a more expensive surface.

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