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2013 trends for modern designer kitchens

January 9th, 2013 by steph

As the New Year begins, many homeowners have finally decided to take the plunge and make a big home improvement, and no rooms are more important to update than their kitchen. They are one of the most functional rooms of the house, but aside from that they are also becoming increasingly popular to entertain in making them ever more important to keep up-to-date!

kitchen design

There’s been a major upheaval in kitchen design in the last few years and even changes in the way designers think. For a successful redesign, it’s important to keep up-to-date with all the latest kitchen design trends and in this post you will find design trends for 2013.

The move towards modern

Last year, traditional kitchens became unpopular with the National Kitchen and Bath Association.
This has led to a huge shift in materials used as well as type, sizes and shapes. So for 2013 modern kitchens think along the lines of simplicity combined with big open spaces and minimal accessorising.

Hidden appliances

A major innovation in trends for modern kitchens is the advent of appliances that blend in with the rest of the room and that are hidden.
The idea is to provide more worktop space and leave enough space for a kitchen island. Handleless cupboards, invisible to the naked eye, are also key for creating a clean and modern look.

LED lighting

Since modern kitchens are becoming more open and spacious as well as becoming the primary entertainment centre of the home, lighting is becoming more and more important.

Nowadays, lighting should not only be functional, but also make a statement and create an inviting living space. Built in LED lights under cabinets, and appliances that come with ambient lighting, is an ongoing trend for 2013. Plinth lights are extremely modern and are a fantastic finishing touch for modern kitchens.

Kitchen islands

More recent trends are moving away from the dining rooms and into the kitchen, with all the eating, drinking and socialising taking place there.

Kitchen islands, complete with bar stools, are the perfect way to make this happen and create a modern eatery inside your kitchen, this is especially so for large kitchens.


Modern kitchens reflect the green movement, with appliances having an EnergyStar rating. MDF kitchen cabinets are also in at the moment.

Natural colour schemes

Neutral colours are on the rise with an emphasis on a variety of wood tones.
Black and white are also making a comeback. Bright colours should only add some finishing touches and accents and not overpower the colour scheme of your kitchen.

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Design Tips: Creating a Party Accessible Kitchen

July 4th, 2012 by steph

For some time now kitchens have been becoming a more central room in the functionality of the average household. It is not uncommon for a large number of day to day events to take place in the kitchen, especially considering that in a lot of households every meal is eaten there. But it is also becoming increasingly common for parties and social occasions to be focused around a house’s kitchen and then for the gathering to break away from it as a central point.

This in fact makes a great deal of sense when you consider that kitchens are generally the easiest room to clean in any house, not to mention that the kitchen is generally the place to find drinks at a party. Despite the relative ease with which a kitchen can be used as a party room there are a number of specific ways to make a kitchen more functional and easy to use as an ideal, central location for a party or gathering in your home.


First of all furniture can make a big difference as to whether or not your kitchen will be perfectly suited to hosting a party. People will want to sit down, but of course bringing in large or ill fitted chairs from another room can be a hassle and standard kitchen furniture is often a little too spacious to allow for maximum room.

The ideal solution to this problem is bar stools, which will fit perfectly around any kitchen surface creating the feel of a bar but also leaving room open for people to stand or mingle. Not only this but you will reduce the likelihood that a dropped drink means a smashed glass, because your guests will have a surface close to hand and something which they can rest their drinks on. Having a surface close by means it’s far more likely that a dropped drink will just equate to a spill, and one which (thanks to hosting your party in the kitchen) takes less than a minute to wipe up.


For those people who are redesigning their kitchen and feel as if their house would benefit from a kitchen which could easily be utilised for parties as well as everyday life, there are some layout changes which can be very handy. When it comes to party accessible kitchens one common factor is having an island in the centre of the room, preferably with the sink positioned in it. This will mean there’s a single, central location for guests to stand around as well as more room for your guests to sit next to a single location and chat. It also makes accessing the sink easy, for cleaning up those not-so-troublesome spills. It helps to have a single island located centrally with all other furniture and surfaces positioned around the edges for maximum space.

Big Fridge:

Although you could suggest this falls under furniture, big fridges are considerably more expensive than a set of bar stools and are not an essential item for parties. Of course having a fridge would be considered by most to be an essential item for everyday life not just party hosting, but having a large fridge is just a bonus when it comes to putting on parties. Having a giant fridge means you won’t have to fill your bath up with beer and keep making trips back and forth to keep the guests happy, with a big enough fridge you can accommodate almost an entire nights worth of drinks in one place which makes socialising easier and creates another reason for chatting in the kitchen.

If the drinks are all in the kitchen, then people won’t want to leave it and if people don’t want to leave it then the chances of your carpets being ruined by beer or coke are slim to none, which is the main bonus of a kitchen based party. The less there is to clean up the day after a party, the more fun you’ll have on the night!

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Contemporary Kitchen Design

November 25th, 2011 by steph

Contemporary kitchens can be a stylish place to practice your culinary skills or even entertain family and friends in, if you get the design right. If you’re striving for the ultimate, luxurious kitchen space and don’t know where to begin in terms of décor then follow these few simple tips to have the kitchen of your dreams.

The power of colour

Colour scheme can have an incredible impact on the kitchen as every shade of each colour carries different connotations. Before picking a colour scheme for your new contemporary kitchen design, decide what statement you’d like your kitchen to make. If you want a bright kitchen to devour your cereal in of the morning then white, light woods and a pastel flooring with a matt finish are a perfect modern kitchen choice. Bright kitchens combine modern interior design with family life as they’re an enjoyable place for conversing over family dinner.

If your contemporary kitchen design desire is to have a trendy, sleek kitchen which oozes style and class then black is the perfect accent colour. Work-tops which are black marble with a high-gloss finish can really make a statement to complement wooden cabinet surfaces.

Stainless steel is incredibly popular throughout modern kitchens within the home. Its light reflective properties make it a striking choice for accessories and appliances. Kitchen taps, cooking appliances and displayed utensils can be incredibly eye-catching if in stainless steel. If you have opted for black as an accent colour in your kitchen there’s a variety of accessories available from popular retailers which combine black and stainless steel to bring your kitchen’s classy colour scheme together.

Furniture for Functionality

Kitchen furniture is a necessity in order to prepare fresh food for the family. Some kitchens however, don’t utilise the space available for furniture to its full potential.

Kitchen islands have become an incredibly popular feature of contemporary kitchen design as they utilise the centre of the room which is often left vacant due to having kitchen cabinets connected to the wall. As the kitchen island is central, it makes accessing the sink a whole lot easier – improving the functionality of your kitchen. The surface area on the top of the island provides you with a lot more space for food preparation, storage of equipment and displaying accessories/utensils.

Breakfast bars have also become an increasingly common feature in the contemporary kitchen and can add an extra visual level. They’re designed for eating light meals and breakfast at, rather than dining, so they’re perfect for families with busy lifestyles! Decorate the breakfast bar with a bowl of fruit to encourage healthy eating within the household whilst adding a splash of colour.

Contemporary kitchens can be easy to design and accessorise and look fantastic if you get the colour scheme right! It’s time to rip out that old kitchen, modernise your home and add a touch of class to your cooking and dining experiences.

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Traditional Kitchens

November 16th, 2011 by steph

Classic Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is a fantastic way of adding renewed life you your home; it can give you extra space, practical appliances and desirable fixtures. There is a wide range of modern and contemporary kitchen suites available and choosing one that is right for your needs is vital before you commit to buying.

Many people crave the fashionable style and modern amenities that you find in a 21st century kitchen, but feel that the homely charm and character of traditional kitchens express their personality a little better. If this is the kitchen for you then you’re in luck! Here are a few useful thoughts to help you find a nice compromise between hi tech modern and charming traditional kitchens.


A great way to add a classic look to traditional kitchens is by adding vintage cook’s tables and china cupboards; this gives off a strong classical feel, accents the theme of the kitchen well and shows you have a keen eye for style. Combining this with some granite wall and floor tiles can add a modern touch to the design of the room. Choosing vintage features in modern colours is another way to combine these two styles, most vintage units are available in black and other modern tones so consider this when designing the layout and colour of your kitchen. Small modern features in a classic looking kitchen such as venetian blinds and new styles of kitchen tap/washing basin units can add a 21st century feel to traditional kitchens. Keep an eye out for features such as these; it is important not to choose anything that looks too out of place and detracts from the overall impressiveness of your new kitchen.


If you are looking to stay with a purely vintage look in your renovated kitchen then there are still many options available to you when shopping for practical amenities. Features such as vintage or ‘retro’ fridge freezer units can really add character to traditional kitchens, as well as being a spacious and practical addition. Smaller features such as the household toasters and kettles can be bought as part of matching sets in a truly fantastic classic design, these look great when bought as a set and can help to bring the entire room together if placed strategically around the kitchen. Ovens and cookers are also available in classic designs; as these are more expensive, use them to base the colour scheme of your kitchen accessories (kettle, toaster etc.).

So there we are; a few simple hints and ideas that can help you to add a fantastic looking traditional kitchen to your home without compromising in practicality or luxury.

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