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The Modern Kitchen: Keeping the Balance

May 4th, 2012 by steph

Kitchens have heaps of potential when it comes to creating a stylish and modern space in your home; new styles in kitchen appliances, furniture, colour schemes and fixtures allow owners to create a wider range of themes and styles than ever before. There is however, the danger of going a little too far with your chosen theme by substituting substance for style.

Less is Always More

The key to creating a stylish kitchen that radiates style is subtlety; by replacing old features that serve a practical purpose you can add modern features, colours and styles without overly filling the space with clutter.

Source features and fixtures that express the design you are trying to convey; if you are looking to create a kitchen that is at the cutting edge of modern interior design then features such as the Deva Edge 118 Mixer Tap are sure to enhance the overall effectiveness of the kitchen’s appearance. The sleek, chrome appearance of a feature such as this adds to the effortlessly cool feel commonly found in modern bathrooms. Alternatively, those who are looking to create a more traditional, vintage kitchen would be better suited to fittings such as the Sagittarius Churchmans Kitchen Bib Tap and Stand, as a piece like this evokes a much more ‘classic kitchen’ feeling and yet supplies modern day quality and craftsmanship.

Colour Scheme Supreme

A stylish and contemporary kitchen requires a sleek, modern colour scheme to play host to your new range of features, fixtures and fittings. If you successfully choose a colour scheme that goes hand-in-hand with your new kitchen features then the finished product will be a truly remarkable sight, but if you choose a colour scheme that somehow contradicts the theme you have conveyed through your kitchen furniture and features it’s likely the finished product will look messy and inconsistent.

Modern, chrome fixtures and furniture is extremely versatile, they do not clash with any colours or patterns as such, but the ‘feel’ they give off is what we’re trying to match here. Intense, detailed floral wallpaper or curtains are usually features in more classic or ‘vintage’ kitchens, and white wooden furniture would be much better suited here. For the contemporary kitchen which features many chrome and metal features, a simpler colour scheme is much more effective.

If you are looking to create a kitchen with a bright, ‘summery’ appearance then vibrant colours such as light greens and dark blues can work well with the modern fixtures available for kitchens today. If you are looking to create a more contemporary kitchen with that slightly futuristic edge, adopt a mainly black or white (or a careful combination of the two!) for maximum effect.

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Adding Contemporary Features to Liven up Your Home

April 17th, 2012 by steph

Finding simple ways to add fresh and innovative style to your home can often understandably seem complicated and costly. The phrase ‘contemporary home decor’ may evoke images of a complete home remodelling, replacing every old item and decorative piece with abstract artwork and uncomfortable seating, but adding modern features to your home is much easier than you may think.

The key to incorporating contemporary and designer features is moderation; a home which is packed to the brim full of modern features, fixtures and furniture is going to look great but it is unlikely to feel very homely or relaxing. Adding dashes of modern style in each room is the best way to achieve a happy medium between a homely ‘lived in’ household and a fresh, fashionable ‘pad’.

It’s important that we do not substitute substance for style in our homes; often stylish home furnishings can trade their functionality or practicality purely to better serve as a stylish home addition. At Tapshop321, all of our stylish fixtures and fittings are crafted to have a stunning appearance yet have a smooth and liberating functionality which really is an assurance of quality.

If you are looking to carry a contemporary and modern feel throughout your home, there are several ways to ensure you execute it well. Firstly, ensure you’re being consistent with your colour scheme in each room; sourcing stylish and modern features to furnish your home with is all well and good but can be easily spoiled when there are too many vibrant colours or patterns in a room. Choose a couple of simple colours that look great together and represent what you feel to be a ‘contemporary colour scheme’ and then build your modern palace around the feeling the room gives off.

Luckily, chrome features and fixtures fit in wonderfully with any colour scheme, so feel free to let your hair down in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, as you can be sure the Tapshop321 team have contemporary fixtures and fittings to further enhance each area!

Add furniture and accessories that not only adhere to the colour scheme, but adhere to a similar theme or ‘feel’, this way you can be sure the finished version of your new room or even household will be stylish, consistent and best of all, contemporary!

For more great interior decoration tips and ideas be sure to check back to the Tapshop321 Blog regularly.

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Water Pressure Problems

February 8th, 2012 by steph

Having a home that suffers from low water pressure can be a huge inconvenience and ruin what should be an effective and well-structured kitchen or bathroom. Heading upstairs to wash away the stress of a long day should be a relaxing experience which allows you to unwind and freshen up; turning the nozzle only to find a weak pitter-patter of warm water is a sure fire way to not only ruin your shower, but dampen your mood too.

There are several factors that can cause water pressure problems once the flow reaches you, and it may be a little difficult to get your head around to start with. One thing that is worth noting is that DIY plumbing is not recommended to anyone who does not know exactly what they are doing; a wrong move could quite easily floor your home and increase the cost of repair tenfold.

So, let’s have a look at what can cause water pressure problems and how you can expect to isolate them.

What Causes Water Pressure Problems?

The amount of water pressure located in the main line can be completely irrelevant if your plumbing system works against it in some way; commonly this is caused by the size and diameter of the pipes in your home. To put it simply, there are a few issues that affect the amount of water your pipe system can carry, so be sure to look out for:

  • Thin pipes (it stands to reason that pipes with a smaller diameter cannot carry as much water as those with a larger diameter).
  • General Corrosion in the appliances in your home or the pipe system, this can cause loss of water and water pressure along the pipe system.
  • The usage of water in your home at any one time can easily cause water pressure problems; this is common in households with large families or numerous residents as the water flow is being divided between appliances each time they are used. For example, if you are enjoying a nice hot shower and suddenly to are treated to a freezing cold trickle, it is more than likely that someone is using an appliance elsewhere in the house such as the kitchen sink or washing machine. Ensuring you allocate time for extensive water usage is the easy way out of this problem.
  • Leaks are an obvious cause of water pressure problems, yet often overlooked. Taps with a constant leak will consistently detract from the overall water pressure in your home and could cause more problems further down the line.

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