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The Future’s Bright, The Future is… Infrared

May 16th, 2012 by admin

Infrared Automatic taps are a new and improved way to stay healthy, keep clean and prevent the spread of transferrable diseases; this is why families all over the country are swapping their grimy old taps for the more hygienic option. The design means that you simply wave your hand in front of the tap body to trigger the water flow; simple, effective and stylish.

The infra red sensor technology featured ensures that these taps are reliable and easy to use. Infra-red sensor taps are hygienic as the touch free system helps avoid the spread of germs and bacteria (also keeping the tap body free from dirty finger marks). Sensor technology also ensures water efficiency as the water supply is triggered by the detection of movement; this also helps prevent the risk of flooding.

The taps are well suited for either a public bathroom or for home use, there is a more simplistic design but all are stylish. Then infrared taps are a must, It’s a lot more hygienic and it looks extremely professional in a working environment.

This kind of tap is best suited to hospitals, nursing homes, places of food preparation and can also be used in your own home bathrooms and kitchens.

These are the perfect taps in terms of hygiene; no need to wonder who has touched the taps before you, because it’s completely contactless!

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Effectively Lighting Your Bathroom

February 29th, 2012 by steph

Adding a new look or feel to a bathroom may seem difficult at first glance; images of large scale, costly remodelling or restoration projects may be evoked, and put many off the idea of changing the room. This is not necessarily the case however; whilst old units and fixtures will degrade in quality and have to be replaced over the years, you can still add a sense of style and class with some very simple tricks. Strategically placing atmospheric and effective lighting around your bathroom can have numerous effects on the look and feel of it, and if you are looking to create a bathroom that delivers more than just a quick shower, some of these ideas may be perfect for you.

Safety First

First things first, always remember that electrical lighting should be safely and professionally installed; having bathroom lights which are exposed to electrical fitting and wirings is simply a dangerous and potentially fatal mistake to make. Any lighting situated must be purpose-built waterproof and watertight lighting; and approved by a certified electrician.

Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic lights can be hugely effective, especially if you are purchasing them with the intention of regularly relaxing in your bathtub. Dynamic lighting will slowly change the colour and ‘mood’ expressed in your bathroom, casting vibrant and relaxing tones across the walls and fixtures within; taking advantage of these relaxing colours and taking a long soak in your bathtub can be mentally relaxing and stimulating.

Glowing Features

Bathroom features are available with built in lights; these can be aesthetically pleasing as well as hugely practical. Features such as the backlit mirror for example, are great for those close and personal grooming sessions, allowing the user to effectively use the mirror without struggling to see their face and hair; yet the mirrors are also a great decorative item when lit in a darkened or dimmed room. These can also be great additions to a relaxing bathroom session, and even impress visiting friends and family when they see it for themselves.

Smaller Light Sources

Smaller items can be just as effective at creating a relaxing bathing experience; coloured and scented candles are ideal when looking to soak in the tub and let your imagination drift away. The warming glow of a few candles whilst bathing is more than enough to relax even the tensest person, so adding a few of these around the bath and shower area can be an inexpensive and effective way of adding atmospheric lighting to your bathroom.

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