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Choosing the Perfect Taps

November 12th, 2012 by steph


Choosing the taps for your bathroom can be an extremely difficult decision. Taps can often bring the decisive, finishing touch to the overall look of the room, which makes it vitally important that you make the right choice. The problem however, is that there are so many different factors to consider, that creating the right combination becomes much harder than you’d first expect. Not to worry though. Here you’ll find a selection of easy to follow tips, which will help you to make the right choices and add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom décor.


The shape of your bathroom taps can have a massive impact on the rooms’ appearance. There is a wide selection of tap shapes; from square to spherical and round to semi-circular. The best way to optimise the style of the room through tap shape is to match them up with the mirrors. So, for example, if you have square mirrors purchase round taps, if you have circular mirrors purchase circular taps etc. This will add a feel of stylish consistency to your bathroom and allow both the mirror and the tap to blind into an overall interior design.

Bathroom Décor

The key to choosing the perfect tap lies mainly in the décor that surrounds it, meaning that modern taps suit a contemporary bathroom décor, whereas traditional taps suit a classical décor. So, for instance, a sleek, metallic style within the bathroom would be complimented perfectly by a curved tap with a chrome finish.

Ease of Use

Alongside style, the perfect tap must also be highly functional. This is hugely important, as you want the equipment in your bathroom to easy and quick to use. Taps that require twisting may be difficult for some people, like the elderly, to operate. Therefore, taps that offer easy use become a massive part of the decision process. You can purchase taps with an easy lift lever, or, if you have an ultra-modern bathroom, get rid of the handle all together with a sensor operated laser tap.


Continuing the need for functional taps, flexibility is another important factor in selecting your perfect tap. Some taps are fixed in one set position. Whilst this will probably not be a regular issue, there will be times when its lack of movement will restrict what you can achieve. Taps that swivel can be invaluable, especially if it is installed in a tight space, like a cloakroom suite, where there is little room to manoeuvre.

Keep these tips in mind and not only will your decision making process be a lot easier and quicker, you will also have the tap that is perfect for you, both in style and convenience.

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How Taps Can Display Personality, Not Just Functionality

June 13th, 2012 by steph

In today’s world of contemporary design at home a huge factor in choosing a potential design and style for the rooms in your house can be down to your personality or the personality which you wish to imbue upon the room itself.

In terms of bathroom design there are a number of standard ideas which most often crop up when it comes to design, but often people do not stop to think about how their choices might be evocative of a particular personality or tone for the room. Most choices which are made when designing or redesigning a bathroom can have a huge impact on overall feel of the bathroom. From the colour on the walls to the finish on the floor everything speaks volumes about the room. But there is one choice which most commonly escapes the home owner’s eye when it comes down to stylistic choices, the bathroom taps.

At first taps hardly seem like the most obvious item in a small visually focused room, obviously most people will make a stylistic choice when it comes to the new fittings in their bathroom. Whether they are simply choosing to replace their fittings or performing an entire remodel for their bathroom most people will concentrate on making a good choice of taps for their bath and sink. Unfortunately some people do not consider what how the style of their fittings speaks volumes about personality alone, and how they might affect their bathroom’s chosen tone and personality.

For example a singular tap fitting for your sink with both a hot and cold setting and an activation lever instantly gives the impression of space consciousness and minimalism; where as a pair of hot and cold taps with a turning cross head to run it on suggests elegance and high class. Both also say individual things about how long you spend in the bathroom push and pull levers tend to suggest you don’t often spend time in your bathroom, whereas a turning cross head suggests you’re often relaxing and soaking in the tub.

There are other styles which can also instantly change the personality of your bathroom, for example the shape of the spout and the handles. Some modern taps now come in a very angular and block like style which again is ideal for modern, minimalistic or cubism inspired styles. The contrast to this is the more traditional and retro designs which tend to be more rounded with curved angles and a long curved spout, these styles are more reminiscent of luxury and elegance. They fit in well with a retro style which is more reminiscent of much older eras of design.

Whatever the personality you are trying to apply to your bathroom through its design make sure that your choice of taps is made in relation to this style. By making choices which are based on your new fittings aesthetics alone, and without comparing their style to that which you wish to achieve you could easily end up with a confused and contrasting look to your bathroom.

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What Bathroom Style Is For You?

May 8th, 2011 by steph

Whether you’re investing in a whole new suite or just applying some subtle changes, it’s worth considering what kind of bathroom taps are for you. There are certain aspects to take into account on the design front before purchasing new taps for your bathroom.

Colour scheme is one of the major factors to consider when purchasing new products. Obviously you want all your accessories to match, so it may be worth checking whether there are other accessories available for purchase, which complement the style of tap you have in mind. There are some very popular themes that a lot of domestic bathrooms apply. I like to categorise them as:-

  • Clean cut – The typical colour scheme of a “clean cut” bathroom are variables of white and neutral shades. There aren’t many accent colours, leaving the bathroom having a very clean feel about it, a popular choice given the purpose of a bathroom. The pale colours also allow the bathroom to reflect a lot of light, be it natural or from a light fixture.

clean bathroom tap

A clean cut bathroom is all about simplicity and functionality. This bath mixer tap is great for functionality, the sculpted lever handles provide a better grip are great for using if you have wet hands. The sleek design also give the design a modern yet simple feel.

  • Traditional – These have a very homely feel and have a style that would perfectly suit a cottage. Think warm beiges and earthly tones combined with accessories that will never outdate, the colour scheme is generally soft with no harsh tones. The sinks are often on pedestals basins and the bathroom has a generally warm and welcoming feel to it.

traditional mixer tap

Having hot and cold taps separate is typical of traditional bathroom. However, mixer taps are more convenient, especially for washing hands so this fixture combines the traditional feel whilst still having a mixer tap.

  • Modern – Popular in newly built apartments. These bathrooms are generally colour schemed using the greyscale with one accent colour. The whole point of “stylish” bathrooms is that they adhere to the “minimalist” effect, creating the illusion of more space than there actually is. They generally contain chrome accessories as chrome reflects light and have a mirror effect, adhering with the idea of creating space.

modern bathroom tap

Funky and individual designs are perfect for modern bathrooms as there are minimal accessories, meaning the style is crucial. The sharp cubic design is eye-catching and having a waterfall style flow is more unique than a regular mixer. Not forgetting the chrome effect will reflect the light.

  • Luxury – Having a luxurious bathroom is all about creating a prestigious feel, whilst enjoying an environment that is perfect for relaxation and pampering. Luxurious bathrooms tend to have celebrity-like connotations and give the user a feeling of importance but do not need to actually cost the earth. Thick and soft bathmats suggest pampering, when stepped on they cushion the feet creating a luxurious feel.

luxury bath tap

The tap’s wide sizing creates a feeling of importance and is perfect for a large bath. The waterfall effect is more relaxing than the regular bath fillers’ water flow, relaxing the user before they even get in the bath.

Understanding what kind of bathroom you have or are aiming for is imperative when choosing what style of tap to have fitted. By choosing a tap that adheres to the style of your bathroom you can rest assured the style of your bathroom will flow.

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Simple Decorating Tips For Your Bathroom

September 7th, 2010 by Mark Farrell

No matter the style, shape or theme of your bathroom there are always little and big things that can enhance the look of you bathing abode. The tips that you will receive here are inexpensive, enlightening and you can do it yourself. So if you are looking for decorating ideas for your bathroom, guest bathroom, little princess or prince’s bathroom read on.

Candles are a treat to have in any bathroom. They can be scented or unscented, they come in many shapes, sizes and colours and they don’t have to be lit. Candles can set the mood for relaxation, calming moods and they can be a great stress reliever.

Your kids may or may not appreciate the greatness of a candle depending on their age, but if you are looking for a great touch to any bathroom there are always ways to get around your child burning the house down. If you want to add a nice simple yet elegant touch to your child’s bathroom let alone yours try placing them on a nice looking clear shelf that’s mounted to the wall.

If you are a fan of places like Paris, London, Cancun or any other far exotic place that is not easy or inexpensive to get to you can buy figurines that represent that place. Figures of Eiffel Tower’s, statue boats and canoes and plastic palm trees and battery operated miniature waterfalls are a great way to embellish these themes. A little goes a long way.

Pictures and paintings can have a dramatic affect on a bathroom. Children love to look at them and let their imaginations wander, adults love to look at paintings of oceans and green valleys and even people. There’s always a picture for any type of theme that you are intrigued by so finding a picture or painting should not be hard. If you’re into animal themes find pictures or paintings of adorable, cute kittens or puppies. People fall prey to cute faces especially a baby animal.

Potpourri, incense, aroma sticks and flowers have great scents to them. Not only that but they come in great colours. Place a couple of baskets of potpourri in your bathroom and it will show a touch of elegance and class. If you place a tray on your counter with aroma sticks and the bottle of the scent of your choice it will show simplicity yet have your bathroom smelling great.

Just remember although we sell a hell of a lot of bathroom Taps we are much more to our readers.  We will always strive to offer hints and tips to help you make that bathrrom a place that you deserve.

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Entertain Yourself Whilst In The Bath

September 2nd, 2010 by Mark Farrell

While most men would enjoy the comfort of sitting in front of a television while bathing, women can also embrace the enjoyment of watching television while making themselves sanitary and serene. Ladies, this is not just a male enjoyment, it can be fun and enlightening to you as well. Believe it or not a television can make your bathroom look more current and can turn your bathroom into an entertainment space all at the same time. You can live like the stars do without having the bank account.

A nice flat screen television about 22 to 36 inches can be a perfect fit for a drab bathroom. You can watch whatever shows you like and if you want to get creative add a DVD player so that you can watch movies or music videos dependent upon your mood. Who says that your bathroom is strictly for getting clean!

When choosing a T.V. to fit into your bathroom don’t try to overdo it and get a big expensive television just find something suitable and inexpensive that fits your taste. Remember that the T.V. is only used to enhance your bathing experience. Once you’ve found your perfect television of which there are many specifically designed for the bathroom, you will need to mount it on your wall.  Bathroom televisions come with strict installation instructions that have to be followed exactly for obvious health and safety reasons.  Another word of advice would be to avoid installing your television directly over your bath or shower (just incase).

You want to be pretty cautious with installation, mounts can and will be sturdy, but if you can avoid an electrical accident then take the correct precautions and do so. Once you’ve chosen the correct wall for your new television you should find how high or low you want your T.V. to be. You don’t want to mount the television too high in case it falls you still want to have a television. You also do not want to have to strain your neck while in the tub or shower just to view your favourite movie or show. Do not position the T.V. too low or else you won’t be able to see it and you run the risk of running into it every 5 minutes.

Once you have found the correct positioning, angle and space of where you want your television to be, it’s now time to mount it. Make sure that the screws and mount that you have purchased are the correct fit and all it takes is the correct drill and the proper installation of the screws. Once the screws have been installed, you should check to make sure that the mount is stable and then you can place your T.V. on its new holder.

See we are not just a pretty place to buy your Bathroom Taps from we also like to offer up some useful advice. Although Tapshop and Bathshop don’t currently stock Bathroom Televisions we will be doing in the future so please keep checking back.

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