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Creating an Illusion of Space in the Bathroom

November 5th, 2012 by steph

Unless you live in a custom built home with a luxurious walk-in wardrobe, balcony and games room you probably wish your bathroom was bigger. Without knocking down a wall or adding any additional square footage, you can feel a little less cramped with our top Tapshop tips, which will make your bathroom feel a little less claustrophobic.

Adding the Right Coat of Paint

This is where most people go wrong. Pale, light colour schemes tend to give the illusion of a larger area of space. We’re not saying that the whole room has to be pristine white, with white fixtures and fittings, especially to you trend followers. Add a little ‘zing’ to your bathroom by adding bright accessories or a bright feature wall. Try a lime green that will create a fresh, airy atmosphere, or a pastel green to create a cool serene sanctuary. These colours and designs will create the illusion of space with only a paintbrush and a pot of paint.

Cutting Back on Things which Stick Out                     

You would be surprised at how the smallest piece of furniture or accessory can suddenly make your room seem to shrink. Removing wall shelves and replacing them with a streamlined cabinet will dramatically transform the size and feel of the room in a matter of seconds. Of course, you may need some of the pieces for comfort or uses, but if your bathroom looks a lot bigger without them, try and think of some other ways to supply the space you need.

Say Goodbye to Visual Obstructions

It may have seemed a good idea at the time, but without you even knowing, a frosted glass style will have made your room look a lot smaller, by obstructing your view of the room. Replacing frosted glass or shower curtains with clear glass will create a continuous streamlined look, making your bathroom look a lot larger. Eliminating shower doors altogether and replacing them with clear glass which can be pushed back would be the easiest and most effective option for this design.

A neat, tidy and clean bathroom will always look larger and more spacious than a cluttered, dirty one! Spend a little time organising storage areas and make the most of what you have. Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t means it has to look small. Show off your sense of colour and style in a bathroom which makes the most of its limited space.


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DAY FIVE: Nearly There And Completion

May 7th, 2011 by admin

Day five was the day that I was looking forward to. This day consisted of tiling the floor, fitting the shower, completing the grouting and then painting the room.

I was ready to put the time in today as I wanted it finished. I spent the whole day working my backside off on what can only be described as the most boring jobs in the world. Grouting and painting.

Fitting the shower was fun especially when you are messing with electricity and water. I wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself as it is just to dangerous if you get it wrong. It is quite a simple process if you already had a shower where you are putting your new one and literally only involves unscrewing the old one and screwing the new one in. The electrical connections are the same as if you are wiring a plug so not rocket science at all. If you are not 100% sure though get some help.

I could taste the success as I could see the finishing line ahead. I worked from 09:00 until 23:30 that night and finally I had finished. When I say finished I mean we had a working bathroom that was fully painted and ready to use. All that was left was the accessories.

These got added the next day and all I can say is that I am very proud of myself for taking this project on and winning. Don’t get me wrong if I had the money to pay somebody else to do it I would but when I stepped back and looked at it I did say to myself “I did that”

Without further ado please take a look at the 321 corner suite that I fitted myself. Before you look at it I suppose the answer to the initial question that was can a novice hit his or her own bathroom suite is YES THEY CAN:


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DAY ONE: The Big Rip Out

May 2nd, 2011 by admin

I have a family of four including myself and two of those family members are under six. What this means is that speed is a must and having no bathroom for even a short period of time is not an option.

I set to work smashing the walls, bath, basin, toilet etc and all seemed to be going well. This was easy, until I came across the stubborn wall of tiles. Those of you who have tried to remove wall tiles will know what I mean. Those tiles that at the time of putting them up had way to much adhesive on them that over time has just become stronger and stronger.

All I could do was role up my sleeves and continue to bash away. Eventually I had smashed everything in site and surprisingly enough hadn’t caused to much damage. There was one thing that my dad always told me when DIYing. That was to keep your working area tidy. Taking that advice I started to take all of the rubble out of the bathroom and placed it nicely in the skip.

Again I realise that the last three paragraphs may have made the job seem simple but let me now list my top tips for this small jobs that I wish I would have had prior to starting the job:

  • Remember to turn the water off before smashing anything
  • Organise a skip (Do not rely on your domestic bin)
  • Purchase quick fit cap ends for your exposed piping
  • Probably best to leave the toilet in until you are ready to actually replace it
  • Wear gloves and safety goggles as broken tile is lethal

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