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A Home Built for Luxury

April 26th, 2013 by steph

A Home Built for Luxury

Every home needs a touch of luxury. Whether your personal pleasures are thick, comfortable matrasses, cutting-edge cooking gadgets or a deep bath tub to soak and unwind in, it’s important that your home has a couple of features that you secretly love showing off to friends!

Quality over Quantity

One of the best, fast-track ways to add heaps of style and luxury to your home is adding high-quality, professionally produced wall and floor tiles. Whilst many people opt for lower quality (and ultimately cheaper) tiles which are commonly mass produced from numerous of substandard materials in china, Korea and India, choosing a higher quality tile comes with a variety of assurances. Not only can you be sure the quality of tile will be better (easily reflected in the tiles’ durability), but the style, colour, pattern and texture of the tile are also sure to be superior, and this speaks volumes when added to a room as a luxury feature.

Enhance any room instantly

Applying a range of stylish tiles to your bathroom or kitchen can instantly enhance the room. Whether you prefer a classic, vintage theme or a sleek, contemporary look, the versatile selection of tiles available today will assure you will be able to find a range to add the perfect finishing touch to your home.



The cool, contemporary design of this kitchen has been reflected within the colour and design of the floor tiles, and yet contrasts with the theme perfectly. These kitchen tiles are of a very high quality, not only in terms of style and design, but also in durability. They are available from TilesUK, one of the UK’s leading suppliers in high-quality, luxury tiles. Finish with a few dashes of colour in potted plants and ornaments to break the colour scheme up.


This bathroom shows a perfect mix between fresh white modern bathroom fixtures, and sleek contemporary floor and wall tiles. By using both wall and floor tiles from the same range, they have managed to create a through-flowing theme that looks truly stunning. Again, these Tiles are available from TilesUK and are fantastic both in design and durability.

Using high quality tiles is a simple and affordable way to create a stylish and luxurious look in your home. Remember, opting for bargain basement tile ranges will rarely get you a reliable tile; opt for quality every time.

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2013 trends for modern designer kitchens

January 9th, 2013 by steph

As the New Year begins, many homeowners have finally decided to take the plunge and make a big home improvement, and no rooms are more important to update than their kitchen. They are one of the most functional rooms of the house, but aside from that they are also becoming increasingly popular to entertain in making them ever more important to keep up-to-date!

kitchen design

There’s been a major upheaval in kitchen design in the last few years and even changes in the way designers think. For a successful redesign, it’s important to keep up-to-date with all the latest kitchen design trends and in this post you will find design trends for 2013.

The move towards modern

Last year, traditional kitchens became unpopular with the National Kitchen and Bath Association.
This has led to a huge shift in materials used as well as type, sizes and shapes. So for 2013 modern kitchens think along the lines of simplicity combined with big open spaces and minimal accessorising.

Hidden appliances

A major innovation in trends for modern kitchens is the advent of appliances that blend in with the rest of the room and that are hidden.
The idea is to provide more worktop space and leave enough space for a kitchen island. Handleless cupboards, invisible to the naked eye, are also key for creating a clean and modern look.

LED lighting

Since modern kitchens are becoming more open and spacious as well as becoming the primary entertainment centre of the home, lighting is becoming more and more important.

Nowadays, lighting should not only be functional, but also make a statement and create an inviting living space. Built in LED lights under cabinets, and appliances that come with ambient lighting, is an ongoing trend for 2013. Plinth lights are extremely modern and are a fantastic finishing touch for modern kitchens.

Kitchen islands

More recent trends are moving away from the dining rooms and into the kitchen, with all the eating, drinking and socialising taking place there.

Kitchen islands, complete with bar stools, are the perfect way to make this happen and create a modern eatery inside your kitchen, this is especially so for large kitchens.


Modern kitchens reflect the green movement, with appliances having an EnergyStar rating. MDF kitchen cabinets are also in at the moment.

Natural colour schemes

Neutral colours are on the rise with an emphasis on a variety of wood tones.
Black and white are also making a comeback. Bright colours should only add some finishing touches and accents and not overpower the colour scheme of your kitchen.

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Merry Christmas from Tapshop!

December 24th, 2012 by steph

Here at Tapshop, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best over the festive period. The last 12 months have been a wonderful and busy time for us, with many of our taps finding homes with satisfied customers. However, we are fully aware that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of us this without the help, loyalty and commitment of you, the customer. Whilst we are fully committed to providing you with the best taps in the bathroom business, we are completely aware of the gratitude and debt we owe, as you continue to return and spread the word about our services.

Over the festive period we’ll be taking a few days off to celebrate, recharge and ultimately, return as a better tap retailer before. We will be out of the office and unable to take calls on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, before returning on the 27th. We will then rejoin the festivities on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, before returning to work fully on the 2nd of January, ready and raring to make 2013 our best year to date.

Finally, we hope that you have the Christmas you could hope for and get everything you want. So, from everyone at Tapshop, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Bathroom Trends of 2013

December 17th, 2012 by steph

Whether you’re wanting to add a few stylish updates, or planning a full bathroom renovation, there are trends to be set, and trends to be followed. If you’ve been wondering what bathrooms will be wearing in the year of 2013 – then you’ve come to the right place, here is the forecast for the hottest bathroom trends of 2013.

Tiles set the centre stage

If you decide to use tiles on your walls, floors, or as splashbacks, eye-catching tiles are going to be taking centre stage in 2013 trends and bathroom designs. 2013 notes that large format tiles are becoming increasingly popular and tiles which emulate other materials such as stone, concrete or wood are on high demand. If you want your tiles in keeping with the new trends try tiles with a large prints, which will create a feature for your white pristine bathroom. Porcelain tiles still remain the tile choice for the top-end bathrooms, while state-of-the-art printing techniques have allowed ceramic tiles to hold their own place.

Lighting fashions

Dim lighting and dingy bathrooms are ghosts of the past. The upcoming 2013 bathroom trends are to fill your bathroom with as much light as possible, preferably natural sunlight. This is easily done by installing larger windows and sunroofs. If a sunroof isn’t an option, all the manmade light should be soft and diffused. A well-lit will offer an inviting and happy atmosphere.

The futures bright, the futures…?

With whites, off-whites, browns, beiges and greys being the order of the day, nothing has really changed. However, these are now complimented with vibrant colours, such as fresh lime green, oranges, even icy blues, in small quantities. Small accessories such as rugs, towels and soap dispensers are a great way to cheaply add this little bit of modern fashion without making extreme changes.

Spa-like experiences

The quest to be the trend setter of 2013 is set, and that’s to emulate spa-like luxuries in residential bathrooms. What is considered a five star luxury in the past, has now become a commonplace expectancy  Under floor heating, waterproof speakers, ambiance lighting and Jacuzzis, oversized shower heads now hold a place in 2013’s luxury bathrooms. A modern bathroom is just not complete without these added little luxuries.

The ultimate way to tie together the latest bathroom design aspects for 2013 is by following the growing trend of creating your very own spa-like experience. Bathrooms are no longer just an area of convenience, where you can wash and ready yourself for the day ahead, but remember, this is your space, so chose your tastes and the style you like.

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Reducing Water Wastage in the Bathroom

December 10th, 2012 by steph

The average home owner wastes a staggering amount of water every day, and it may not be immediately apparent why. The smallest habit changes could easily contribute to enormous savings on water and heating bills; in fact as much as 2/3 of the water we actually use on a daily basis in used in the bathroom, so what better place to start!

Heating Water

It’s not just water that we tend to waste in the bathroom; 25% of the heating supplied to our home is used to warm the water we use to wash and bathe in, so by reducing the amount of hot water wasted we can cut heating bills too!

It’s common knowledge that taking a shower uses far less water than taking a bath does, but many people shower for far too long, using up far more than a bathtub’s worth of water. If possible, substitute baths and long shower sessions with shorter shower sessions, this will reduce heating usage and water usage simultaneously.

Water Saving Fittings

There are some fantastic water-conscious fixtures and fittings on the market that can help you reduce water wastage when spending time in the bathroom. Aerated taps mix water with air before it is emitted, saving water every second the tap is on, without sacrificing performance. Aerated showerheads work in the same way, and feature smaller holes from which water is emitted, further saving water without sacrificing performance.

If you’re not planning on upgrading your toilet to a water saving ‘dual flush model’ (which allows you to flush with a lesser amount of water when needed) then fear not, you can easily retrofit a dual flush syphon, it’s quick and easy to fit and shouldn’t cost you more than £20.

Patching Up Problems

Believe it or not, leaking toilets and taps are a major culprit when it comes to water wastage in the household. By fixing leaking taps and toilets, you could save up to 7,000 litres of water per year; again, cutting down on water bills and further doing your bit for the environment!

To detect a leaking toilet, simply take a bottle of food colouring and empty a few drips into the cistern, if the colour finds its way into the toilet bowl without being flushed, the cistern is leaking water and should be repaired!

So there we are, a few simple water and money saving tips to help you create a much more ecologically and economically friendly bathroom.

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