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All Bath Taps

£205.00 £176.08

Tavistock Index Bath Filler Tap

£121.00 £104.12

Tavistock Cruz Bath Filler Tap

£135.00 £113.74

Tavistock Kinetic Bath Filler

£162.00 £139.50

Tavistock Siren Bath Filler Tap

£71.00 £63.00

321 Marco Bath Taps

£129.00 £97.00

Sagittarius Arke Bath Taps

£99.00 £99.00

Mayfair Jet Bath Filler Tap

£134.00 £65.00

Mayfair Stic Pair of Bath Taps

£110.00 £83.00

Sagittarius Rocco Bath Taps

£93.00 £70.00

Sagittarius Piazza Bath Taps

£106.00 £80.00

Sagittarius Axis Bath Taps

£104.00 £78.00

Sagittarius Pure Bath Taps

£140.00 £84.00

Yolanda Bath Filler Tap

£177.00 £99.00

Yolanda Bath Shower Mixer Tap

£198.00 £139.00

Gravity 3 Hole Bath Filler Tap

£203.00 £129.00

Rojo Bath Filler Tap

£239.00 £139.00

Rojo Bath Shower Mixer Tap

£198.00 £139.00

Rojo 3 Hole Bath Filler Tap

£71.00 £52.00

Clarence Pair of Bath Taps

£75.00 £59.00

321 Bosco Bath Filler

£135.00 £93.00

321 Polenta Bath Filler

£99.00 £71.00

321 Marco Bath Filler

£236.00 £177.00

Hudson Reed Art Bath Filler

£230.00 £173.00

Hudson Reed Kubix Bath Filler

£195.00 £147.00

Hudson Reed Kia Bath Filler

£249.00 £187.00

Sagittarius Arke Bath Filler

£150.00 £113.00

Hudson Reed Hero Bath Filler

£239.00 £180.00

Hudson Reed Motif Bath Filler

£335.00 £252.00

Hudson Reed Cloud 9 Bath Filler

£271.00 £204.00

Hudson Reed Rapid Bath Filler

£119.00 £90.00

Sagittarius Plaza Bath Filler

£209.00 £157.00

Sagittarius Eclipse Bath Filler

£324.00 £243.00

Sagittarius Pablo Bath Filler

£324.00 £243.00

Sagittarius Matisse Bath Filler

£184.00 £138.00

Sagittarius Rocco Bath Filler

£119.00 £90.00

Sagittarius Piazza Bath Filler

£156.00 £117.00

Sagittarius Axis Bath Filler

£183.00 £138.00

Sagittarius Butler Bath Filler

£160.00 £120.00

Sagittarius Fantasy Bath Filler

£200.00 £150.00

Sagittarius Pure Bath Filler

£115.00 £79.00

Clarence Bath Filler Tap

£139.00 £89.00

Aqua Dream Bath Filler Tap

£99.00 £60.00

321 Bosco Bath Shower Mixer

£160.00 £104.00

321 Polenta Bath Shower Mixer

£130.00 £87.00

321 Marco Bath Shower Mixer

£145.00 £85.00

Clarence Bath Shower Mixer Tap

£224.00 £89.00

Mayfair Stic Bath Filler Tap

£150.00 £113.00

Sagittarius Blade Bath Taps

£272.00 £204.00

Sagittarius Pablo Bath Taps

£272.00 £204.00

Sagittarius Matisse Bath Taps

£198.00 £149.00

Sagittarius Zone Bath Taps

£82.00 £63.00

Sagittarius Avant Bath Taps

£198.00 £125.00

Russi Lever Bath Filler Tap

£95.00 £71.00

Hudson Reed Topaz Bath Taps

£85.00 £64.00

Sagittarius Plaza Bath Taps

£151.00 £114.00

Sagittarius Evolution Bath Taps

£111.00 £84.00

Sagittarius Butler Bath Taps

Bath Taps

The bath is the focal point of most bathrooms and deserves to be embellished with taps which truly stand-out whilst being able to handle long term use without a fall in performance. At Tapshop321 we’ve put together a varied and attractive selection of bath taps which are built to exacting standards designed to last and represent the pinnacle of modern design – whatever your taste. Different baths and different styles of bathroom demand different attributes from a tap with that in mind we’ve split our taps by style and features so that it’s as easy as possible for you to quickly find precisely what you’re looking for:

Bath  Fillers – If you have a separate shower enclosure or an over bath shower with dedicated temperature and pressure controls then a bath filler is ideal. These bath taps are designed to fulfil one function: to fill a bath and to do so quickly and effortlessly. Within this section of the website you’ll find bath taps which perfectly complement any bathroom ; whether it takes its cues from ornate traditional style contemporary minimalism or anything in between.

Bath Shower Mixers – Many over bath showers require the installation of bath taps which can control the functions of both the bath and the shower with ease. Bath shower mixers are carefully crafted to ensure optimum performance whether you’re running a bath or having a shower. We stock bath shower mixers to appeal to all tastes and budgets with first rate taps from manufacturers including Mayfair Home of Ultra and Hudson Reed.

Modern Bath Taps – Innovative design futuristic styling and angular minimalism aplenty can be found amongst our range of modern bath taps. If contemporary flair is your thing then head straight on over to this section of the website: you won’t be disappointed!

Traditional Bath Taps – If you’re looking to create a bathroom which harks back to a bygone era then traditional bath taps are for you. With authentic styling and ornate flourishes our traditional bath taps add a touch of luxuriant elegance to any bath. Particularly striking when mounted on a freestanding bath these taps are style classics with modern features levels of performance and reliability.

Standard Bath Taps – Don’t let the name fool you these bath taps are far from ordinary. Although design for simple and effective functionality you’ll uncover bath taps brimming with character and beauty at incredibly low prices.

Shower Taps – Provided you have a water system capable of generating sufficient pressure there is no need to invest in a standalone shower unit. Tapshop321’s shower taps multi-task perfectly with high performance assured whether you’re using them to fill the bath or power the shower. As well as providing first rate bathing and showering function these shower taps are brimming with style and sure to turn heads as well as wash them.

If you’d like to find out more about our extensive range of bath taps then get in touch with our in-house team. They’re on hand to provide informed answers to any questions you may have and know the ins and outs of every bath tap we stock.