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Modern Basin Taps

£62.00 £60.00

321 Marco Basin Taps

£98.00 £74.00

Sagittarius Rocco Basin Taps

£88.00 £66.00

Sagittarius Axis Basin Taps

£96.00 £72.00

Sagittarius Pure Basin Taps

£119.00 £65.00

Yolanda Basin Mono Mixer Tap

£148.00 £115.00

Gravity Basin Mono Mixer Tap

£178.00 £139.00

Rojo 3 Hole Basin Mixer Tap

£63.00 £50.00

Clarence Pair of Basin Taps

£134.00 £65.00

Mayfair Stic Pair of Bath Taps

£253.00 £190.00

Sagittarius Oveta Basin Taps

£132.00 £79.00

Riolo Lever Pair of Bath Taps

£57.00 £49.00

Fisaro Basin Taps

£89.00 £70.00

Fisaro Mono Basin Mixer

£138.00 £109.00

Sorio Mono Basin Mixer Tap

£57.00 £49.00

Cicero Pair of Basin Taps

£92.00 £69.00

Cicero Mono Basin Mixer Tap

£79.00 £60.00

Sagittarius Plaza Basin Taps

£175.00 £132.00

Sagittarius Pablo Basin Taps

£178.00 £134.00

Sagittarius Zone Basin Taps

£88.20 £69.00

Deva Linx Pair of Basin Taps

£88.20 £69.00

Deva Crux Pair of Basin Taps

£75.60 £59.00

Deva Elan Pair of Basin Taps

£75.60 £59.00

Deva Ikon Pair of Basin Taps

£72.00 £54.00

Sagittarius Avant Basin Taps

£119.00 £79.00

Riolo Lever Pair of Basin Taps

£157.00 £109.00

Sendai Basin Mono Mixer Tap

£177.00 £115.00

Sendai Tall Basin Mixer Tap

£67.00 £59.00

Gennero Pair of Basin Taps

£89.00 £65.00

Gennero Basin Mono Mixer Tap

£92.00 £74.00

Sorio Pair of Basin Taps

Modern Taps for Basins

Modern basin taps can truly complete a contemporary styled bathroom suite. If you’re looking to add the finishing touches to a stylish basin then our selection of modern faucets designed especially for use with basins are sure to fit the bill.

Featuring exclusive designs from leading bathroom brands including Sagittarius Mayfair Hudson Reed and Home of Ultra our range of modern basin taps is one of the most expansive yet least expensive in the UK. Boasting modern style advanced mechanisms and durable construction; the Tapshop321 line of contemporary taps have been hand selected to serve as not only aesthetic flourishes but also invaluable and practical additions to any bathroom.

These modern basin taps come in literally all shapes and sizes at Tapshop321; from the futuristic and angular unique styling of the Hudson Reed Strike Mono Basin Mixer Tap through to the smooth curves of the Home of Ultra Athena Mono Basin Mixer Tap. Whether you’re on the lookout for minimal understated basin taps eye-catching taps with a wow factor or simply some low priced stylish taps to complete your en-suite; we’re certain we’ll have precisely what you need.

If you would like to find out more about the exciting array of modern basin taps we stock at Tapshop321 then simply drop us an email or give our expert team a call.